Clayworks Demo: Watch & Give it a Whirl!

Carlos_Display potteryCome watch beauty emerge from mere lumps of clay!

When it comes to art, there’s nothing better than witnessing an artist live, in the zone. Desert Chavez will be at the Higher Grounds Coffee Shop Gallery this Saturday, September 3rd displaying his pottery and giving live demos on the wheel, 10:00am-1:00pm. He’ll be assisted by Clayworks Artists Collective member, Terryann Halloran for an afternoon of play with clay.

Best of all: **Free** 15 minute samplings will be offered for anyone desiring a try at the wheel! First come, first served. So stop by and say hello, they’d love to see you!

Higher Grounds Coffee Shop Gallery
54245 N Circle Dr
Idyllwild, CA 92549



All Fired Up!

We’ve got the kiln up and running! It was a very exciting day because we got to fire some pieces that have been waiting on the shelves for months.

For now, until we get some extra shelves for the kiln, Desert will be firing mostly Raku pieces. Check out the beautiful pieces he fired today. He’ll continue to generate more while we work to get the online store up and running.

Ready, Set… !

We are simply blown away by the beauty that will surround us at our new kiln location! Picturesque Garner Valley is considered one of the most beautiful places on earth. This morning we found ourselves surrounded by wide open spaces, tall pine trees, and the softness of sage brush with a vast open sky. What an adventure this is going to be!

Storm clouds over Idyllwild

Oooooh, yeah. Looks like we might’ve died and gone to heaven, huh?

We all feel very blessed. Desert and Jill were accompanied by Terryann Halloran (member of the Idyllwild Clayworks Collective) who assisted in all areas, Jill’s 16 year old son, Prasad helped with sanding the lumber, and Colin Parker who owns the property gave us guidance as we got started.

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The building location needed some clearing out, so we removed a lot of sage brush and did our best to level the ground. We also hand carried lumber from the barn, then cut, stained and sealed several boards for the initial framing process. This evening we’re scheduled to dig holes and cement the posts so we can complete building tomorrow.

NOTE: See the image of the completed structure above? That’s included as a **sample** of what we’re going for, only a little larger at 12′ x 8′. Pictured is an outhouse on the same property (with a composting toilet and shower). We’re doing the same basic plan, but it’ll hold two kilns, shelves, and a small sink area. So far, so good!


Photo Credit: Garner Valley, by Chris Martin

Breaking Ground for the Love of Clay

Carlos Robin Egg mug 1We are very excited about our plans to bring more ceramic arts to our beautiful mountain community! Tomorrow marks Day 1 in the building process. We’ll start building our kiln shelter in Garner Valley, which means Desert will finally start firing many of his new creations soon, including Raku pottery as well.

The kiln site happens to be owned by Present & Positive, which is a non-profit that seeks to bring people closer to Art, Music, Harmony, Adventure, Permaculture and Sustainable Living. The location seems to be the perfect fit for our vision and needs at this time. We’ll be paying electricity monthly and assisting significantly in the construction process, so it’s a fairly low-cost start.

With an operating kiln, we’ll be able to offer classes and an abundance of new creations soon.

Photos and updates coming tomorrow!