Breaking Ground for the Love of Clay

Carlos Robin Egg mug 1We are very excited about our plans to bring more ceramic arts to our beautiful mountain community! Tomorrow marks Day 1 in the building process. We’ll start building our kiln shelter in Garner Valley, which means Desert will finally start firing many of his new creations soon, including Raku pottery as well.

The kiln site happens to be owned by Present & Positive, which is a non-profit that seeks to bring people closer to Art, Music, Harmony, Adventure, Permaculture and Sustainable Living. The location seems to be the perfect fit for our vision and needs at this time. We’ll be paying electricity monthly and assisting significantly in the construction process, so it’s a fairly low-cost start.

With an operating kiln, we’ll be able to offer classes and an abundance of new creations soon.

Photos and updates coming tomorrow!


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