Clayworks Has a Studio!

Clayworks group photo 1Today marks the true birth date of our ceramics collective. We found an awesome studio space this week, and it meets our needs in every way! That was quick, huh? We don’t waste time. Watch out– when artists come together with a clear vision, things happen fast!

It helped knowing exactly what we wanted. Space to create, space to dream, and space to grow. The space is what we envisioned, and more. It’s not far from town and quite close to Idyllwild Arts Academy. Tucked away among some beautiful pine and cedar trees, the light & airy studio includes access to a kitchen and living area for meals and relaxation between projects, plus a sewing room Jillian and Mairiam are planning to utilize. The property is perfect for classes with an outdoor seating area, and includes a gallery space we might be using in the not-too-distant future. The possibilities are endless.

All four of us met this evening with Ava, the owner, to go over the details. She’s a painter, and thanks to her talent, the grounds are full of positive energy and beautiful touches, leaving us all feeling very inspired. The meeting included some delicious black bean tacos provided by Terryann.

It’s hard to believe in just a matter of weeks we’ve got a working kiln, plus a beautiful work space. That type of ease speaks volumes; what an awesome team!


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