Customer Work

clayworks_melissa-and-joseWe’ve been open three months now, and have really enjoyed meeting new customers, including locals and visitors to the Hill. We’re realizing that’s a big plus with our job; we not only get to greet and say hello, but we often have time to get to know people. Meet Melanie and Jose. They live in Idyllwild and own a fishing villa in Mexico. They came in for an Open Studio workshop with light instruction from Desert Chavez. They’re in the process of creating their own “fish” door signs for the eight rooms at their inn. It’s such a great personal touch, and we think they’ve been doing an awesome job!

OPEN STUDIO: Our working studio is open to the public, not just ceramic artists but anyone desiring the time to create whatever you desire. We have reasonable rates, and offer light assistance. Call or come inside to schedule your own! 213-447-1413